Best Under the Bed Restraints for Bedroom Bondage

Say you want to tie your partner to the bed. You have several options: you can put cuffs on them and tie those to the bed posts or bed legs with a rope or a chain; you can use rope to make both the cuffs and the bed post/bed leg tie; or you can go the easy route and get under the bed restraints.

Under the bed restraints are a fun type of bondage restraints. An under the bed restraint system consists of a set of straps (webbing), usually made from strong, durable synthetic fiber like nylon or polypropylene, that you slip under your bed mattress to provide four anchor points for attaching the included wrist and ankle cuffs (preferably with your partner in them). These systems are typically one-size-fits-all, both in terms of bondage lovers and beds you can use them with.

You can wash the under the bed restraints in a washing machine (we recommend putting them in a pillow case to prevent them from tangling up around the agitator). And you can use your own cuffs instead of the included ones if you prefer.

Under the Bed Restraints - Cuffs

Technically, under the bed restraints don’t go under the entire bed but rather under the mattress, but whether you call them “under the bed” or “under the mattress” restraints, we guarantee you’ll have tons of bondage fun with them.

Why do you need under the mattress restraints? Why is that a question? Under the bed restraints neatly and efficiently solve several challenges in bedroom bondage:

  • they give you a variety of options for attaching ankle or wrist cuffs to something else other than each other;
  • they allow for restraining your partner even if you don’t have a poster bed or a suitable head- and baseboard;
  • they tuck neatly under your bed mattress so you can keep your play completely private from visitors or kids;
  • they are quick to use, so you don’t have to fumble for any other restraints or rope;
  • they are portable, so you can use them anywhere you travel, including hotels or in-laws.

How to Set Up Under the Bed Restraints

Setting up an under the bed restraint system is simple.

First you must position the central strap, from which the wrist and ankle straps originate in the center of your bed under the mattress. This is the most difficult step because you have to remove or lift the mattress to position the strap. If possible, do this with your partner. That way, you’ll save your back and have a sense of preparing your bondage adventure together.

Alternatively, you can tuck the straps under the mattress, pushing them as far to the center of the bed as possible, and slide your arms under the mattress on each side to pull the wrist and ankle straps toward the edges. This will save you the labor of lifting or shifting the mattress but can become an adventure as you grope for the straps without the visual.

Once the central strap is in place, fan the wrist and ankle straps outward toward the edges of your mattress. You can have all the straps come out the side, the top/bottom of the bed, or one at the top/bottom and the other on the side.

Under the Bed Restraints - Tied to Bed

With your mattress back in place and the straps out from under the mattress where you want them, adjust the length of each strap as needed. Voila, you’ve installed your under the mattress restraint system.

Place the cuffs included with your under the bed restraint system on your partner’s wrists and ankles. Then hook the cuffs to the under the bed straps using the attached snap hooks as you wish—there are so many combinations!

Best Under the Bed Restraints for Your Bondage Play Time

While there are quite a few under the bed restraint systems to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any but the worst ones.

Under the bed restraint systems are all essentially the same in terms of parts:

  • a set of straps to go under your mattress, with buckles to adjust length and D- or O-rings to attach cuffs;
  • adjustable cuffs (one pair for wrists and one for ankles), which fasten with Velcro and have a D-ring with a snap hook to attach to the straps.

Some of the under the mattress restraint systems come with a bonus item like a piece of cotton rope or a blindfold.

Bondage for Beginners - Good Vibrations

The best part: because materials that go into making these ingenuous bedroom bondage restraints are inexpensive, you can get an under the mattress restraint system for under $30. We do recommend you go with pricier options (see our top system at the end of this overview) to make your bed restraints last longer.

Our recommended under the bed restraints are listed here in the ascending order of price. Except for the best one at the end, the price difference is only a few dollars; they are all comparable both in terms of quality and user reviews.

Best Cheap Bedroom Restraint Systems

Cheap here means about $10 to $15.

Competitive Edge Under Bed Restraint System

The cheapest under the bed restraint system on our list comes in black and red variations, the only system to offer different colors.

Despite the low, low price point, it’s quite sturdy yet the cuffs are flexible when tightened. It’s advertised as “medical grade” to highlight its durability and perhaps inject a kinky little idea into your bondage play.

The one drawback we found is that the straps lack grip at the end, which other sets have with the strap end folded back and sewn together; this can not only make tightening the restraints more difficult but also allow for the strap to slip out of the adjustment buckle.

Overall, a great bedroom bondage system for beginners.

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KissyBody Under Bed Handcuffs System

The other cheap under the mattress restraint system we recommend is KissyBody. KissyBody Under Bed Handcuffs System is not only inexpensive, it is popular and well-reviewed.

The systems is a great everyday bondage system (yes, every day), but like most low-end restraints it may not withstand more intense play, particularly the metal rings which may bend under pressure.

The cuffs are soft, lined in the middle with a felt-like material. They may pinch a little when they tighten as the bottom squirms, unless he’s so strong as to unbuckle the Velcro straps.

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Best Mid-Range Under the Mattress Restraints

Mid-range bed restraint kits go for anywhere between $20 and $30. They’re a step up in quality from the low-end kits, particularly in terms of durability while providing the same functionality.

Beimly Under Bed Restraint Kit

The Beimly under bed restraint kit is mid-range system that comes in purple and with a bonus blindfold.

The lined neoprene cuffs with a Velcro closure are soft and sturdy, and they make the set lightweight and thus ideal for travel.

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Innovative Design Under the Bed Restraint Kit

Another mid-range under the bed bondage set, Innovative Design’s is soft and comfortable while offering both a sturdy restraint, with above-average durable metal rings, and a relatively easy way to escape from the Velcro-strap cuffs if needed.

Recommended if you don’t want to go with the cheapest option.

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The Best Under the Bed Restraint System: Sportsheets

Under the Bed Restraints - GV

The Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System is the most expensive of the lot, costing up to $70, but you get what you pay for.

It’s vegan, i.e. it contains no animal products; it’s made of recyclable materials and it comes in recyclable packaging, albeit on the excessive side; and it’s Made in the USA. It comes with a high Ecorotic rating, a system developed by Good Vibrations to rate sustainability of sex products, so you can play with a clear environmental conscience.

The Sportsheets under the mattress restraint system is also the most durable. Many bondage lovers have used it for years.

As most under the bed restraints, Sportsheets fits all mattress sizes, up to king. The cuffs are lined with Velboa, a soft, furry, and durable type of polyester.

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