Best Prostate Massagers for 2018 (and Beyond)

Prostate massage is an underrated type of play and prostate massagers among the least known sex toys. This has to do with phobias surrounding male anal stimulation, lack of familiarity about anal anatomy, and an even greater lack of information about prostate toys. Yet prostate massage can give a man the most amazing orgasms, especially with the help of one of the best prostate massagers we review here.

What does prostate massage have to do with bondage? Nothing and everything. Sure, you can massage your lover’s prostate whether you tie him up or not. But if you are a couple who are bondage lovers, he will enjoy prostate massage with extra gusto when he’s tied up and under your control—all the more so with the help of an awesome prostate massager. In other words, prostate massage belongs to activities to include in bondage with an ulterior-motive.

Prostate Massage 101

Information in this section supplied in part by Good Vibrations and The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Massage: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners.

What Is the Prostate?

Part of male reproductive/sexual anatomy, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about 2 to 3 inches up and in front (toward the navel) of the rectum, just under the bladder, behind the deep end of the penis.

Prostate Anatomy

The prostate produces some of the fluid that comprises semen. When a man is aroused, the prostate enlarges and fills with fluid, which is expelled during ejaculation through the urethra, itself enveloped by the prostate.

The more aroused your lover, the bigger and easier to find the prostate, and the better the massage sensation for your lover.

Why Massage the Prostate?

In short, because it feels good and enhances sex life:

  • Prostate stimulation feels different from any other type of sensual/sexual play: not only is such P-spot stimulation unique, it is extremely pleasurable. Think of the moment before before ejaculation extended for as long as prostate play lasts. The best part: a man can keep going even after a prostate orgasm, whether it’s a hands-free prostate orgasm or not.
  • Prostate massage expands the menu of your play possibilities, keeping things fresh and exciting.
  • Even if you are open-minded about anal play, the novelty and naughtiness factors introduce an exciting angle into your bedroom.
  • With prostate play, sex is no longer about penetration of the female partner, but of both. Experiencing anal penetration helps a man understand the sensation his female partner feels in anal sex—with the added benefit of prostate pleasure.
  • A prostate orgasm differs from the penis orgasm in that it feels more ‘bodily’ (in the body rather than just the penis) and often more powerful, even if there is no ejaculation. Prostate orgasm also lasts longer and is more expansive than penis orgasm, which is short and isolated in a small area.
  • Combining prostate and penile orgasm can bring your lover to new heights of sexual pleasure.
  • Prostate massage also makes multiple orgasms (again without ejaculation) possible, albeit with a lot of practice.
  • Prostate massage is made better with the generous assistance of prostate massage toys.

How to Massage the Prostate

Prostate massage is exactly what you think: the stimulation of the prostate with touch.

You can massage your lover’s prostate either externally or internally.

To administer prostate massage externally, massage his perineum. Colloquially known as the taint, the perineum is the area located between the scrotum and anus. Perineum massage is an easy way to get into prostate play, without anal penetration.

The prostate is some 2-3 inches up inside his body, so perineal massage for him is not as intense as that through the anus. You have to press harder to achieve the desired effect. The harder you press during perineum stimulation, the more he will feel it.

A more intense way to massage the prostate is internally, through the anus. Combine external, perineum prostate massage with internal prostate massage, and watch him see the orgasmic stars.

Prostate Massager - Foreplay

Here’s how to give an internal prostate massage:

  1. Make sure your lover is aroused and relaxed. Stroke, caress, or massage his body to get him into the right head space. Rub the outside of his anus to prepare him for the sensation.
  2. Put some lube on your lover’s anus and your finger or prostate toy. If you are using a silicone prostate toy, make sure the lubricant is water-based.
  3. Slowly insert a finger or toy a little bit into your lover’s anus (ideally as he exhales because the muscles will be more relaxed). Make sure your fingernails are trimmed, or use nitrile or latex gloves with cotton balls stuffed in the fingers.
  4. Massage the opening a little bit and proceed deeper as you feel his anus relax. Pull your fingers in and out, massage around the perimeter, curl your fingertips—xperiment to see what feels best for him and what relaxes him the most. Stroking his penis or massaging his testicles with your other hand helps.
  5. Once you run out of finger, curl your finger or the prostate massage toy toward his navel to find the prostate. That’s the P spot (it’s more of an area, but you get the point).
  6. Massage the prostate. Use various motions (“come hither” is particularly effective), pressures, circling, tapping, and so on to find see what feels best. Change it up the way you would any massage and listen or watch for your lover’s reactions to see what he enjoys the most.
  7. Combine the internal prostate massage with the external one, through the perineum, or with penis stimulation. Try prostate massage in different positions (best positions for prostate massage are him on the back, him on knees and elbows, and him standing bent over a chair or table). Or try different P spot toys (see below).

Prostate Massage as a Couple and Solo

Prostate massage brings lovers together in a novel type of play. Work P-spot stimulation into your bondage, domination/submission play and you will find yourself at a whole new level of sensual intimacy.

Every prostate stimulation toy we feature here can be used with a helping hand of another, and some are specifically designed for partner play (see cock-ringed prostate massagers). Tie him up and penetrate him with one of these toys, and watch his orgasmic world explode into a million stars.

All of the toys can be also be used solo; Aneros prostate stimulators are specifically designed for hands-free stimulation.

If you are a beginner to prostate stimulation, we recommend trying your toy(s) out on your own first. You can learn about your body, what it responds to and how, and once you’re more comfortable with and accustomed to P-spot stimulation, you can better communicate with your partner about what you like.

The Lowdown on Prostate Massage Toys

If you have fingers with some dexterity, you don’t need a toy to massage your lover’s prostate.

So Why Use A Prostate Massager?

Fingers are only so short and can only to so much and only for so long. Fingers and hands also get tired.

The feeling of a glove on your hand may not be your thing.

Sex toys designed specifically for prostate massage offer a different, wider range of sensations, including many kinds of vibration at different locations. Most prostate massagers follow male anatomy and are curved just the right way to reach the P spot…and more, as some massagers also stimulate the perineum.

Prostate sex toys also allow the man to play solo and some even hands-free.

And when used in bondage play, male stimulation toys allow the top to control the bottom’s experience.

Most importantly, according to the sex toy maker Lelo, users report that orgasms achieved with the aid of a prostate massager are “33% bigger” than without.

Best Prostate Toys - Anal Play Foreplay

With that, let’s take a look at the best prostate massagers out there.

How to Select the Best Prostate Massager for You

As with any toy, there is no such thing as the best prostate massager; there is only the best prostate massager for you.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy every prostate massage toy to figure out which one you like the best. Just read our (and other) reviews and act accordingly.

Another way to think about it is in terms of a partner. Your partner has certain bodily features that you cannot change. The same can go for toys: get one and work with what you’ve got.

There are many kinds of prostate toys for men out there. Our basic rule for selecting the right one for you: if you are a beginner to male anal stimulation, get a smaller, less souped up prostate massage toy; if you’ve been around the prostate block, get a bigger, more intense one.

Play It Safe

But first, consider safety. Your anal toy must meet three essential requirements:

  • It must have a flared base to prevent it from slipping and getting stuck inside you.
  • It must have a completely smooth surface to prevent abrasion or tissue tears.
  • It must be made of non-porous material like silicone, glass, metal, or hard plastic to enable thorough washing before and after use.

Size Matters

Though anal and prostate anatomy is the same for every man, every body is different and measurements vary. The following are, therefore, only general rules.

For beginners, thinner and shorter is better. If your butt is yet to be well-trained for penetration, you want a prostate toy that is no wider than a finger. Slimmer toys also work well for experienced men as a warm up tool.

More experienced prostate stimulation lovers will prefer wider, girthier anal toys to provide a better sense of fulfillment.

Length-wise, you have options in selecting best prostate massagers as well. Shorter toys, which are about 4 inches long may come up short in what they can do for the prostate: poking instead of massaging. Go too long, say over 8 inches, and you’ll have passed the prostate into the first big rectum curve.

If you are starting out in male anal play, go with a shorter toy. Alternatively, if you don’t want to upgrade every few months, get an average- (or as we say, aspirational) sized one and practice your way into it.

Curvy Does It

Many non-prostate massage specific toys can be used for prostate stimulation. Straight, bulbous-headed, penis-shaped—it’s how you use it. The advantage butt plugs and dildos have over prostate massagers is they have more than one purpose and lovers can share them (though make sure to clean toys thoroughly between bodies and especially booties).

If you’re going straight for the P-spot, get a dedicated prostate massager toy. Best prostate toys have a curve at the end which is designed to reach and massage the P spot (you have to use the toy so that the end curve points toward the navel).

G-spot toys, be it G-spot dildos or G-spot vibrators, can also work for prostate massage. The G-spot is located roughly the same distance and area (upward toward the navel) from the vaginal opening as the P-spot from the anal one. Make sure you get an anal safe G-spot toy.

Best Prostate Massagers - Foreplay From Behind

Best Prostate Massagers for Beginners

Of the now-wide array of prostate massage toys, we’ve selected two that can get you started on the male anal pleasure journey. As with the rest of our roundup, we highlight a non-vibrating and a vibrating prostate massager for beginners.

MGX Trident by Aneros

The biggest name in prostate stimulator market, Aneros bills its MGX Trident as the next generation of the toy that “kick started the male G-spot prostate stimulation phenomenon,” the MGX Classic.

The MGX Trident improves upon the Classic with two features:

  • “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture,” a fancy way AKA marketing speak for saying it provides stimulation in response to body movement in all directions.
  • Improved perineum massage tab, which stimulates the taint externally, and the Kundalini tab, which provides stimulation up the back while the toy is inserted and massaging the prostate.

The ribbed stem provides additional anal stimulation near the insertion point.

Best Prostate Massagers - Aneros MGX Trident

Why is Aneros MGX Trident ideal for beginners? Consider the PROs:

  • Size. The MGX Trident is short and slim. It’s on the shorter side of prostate massagers, at 4 inches of insertable length, and it has manageable girth, 0.7 inches at the tip and 1 inch at the widest, mid-ridge point.
  • Shape. It’s angled just right, so you don’t have to worry about positioning.
  • Ease of use. Simply put, using an Aneros—any Aneros toy, in fact—is easy: insert and enjoy (more on that below). It makes hands-free prostate stimulation possible, enabling practice in private before opening prostate play up to a partner. And it can be used in any bodily position, except sitting on a hard surface.
  • Material. Its soft silicone surface feels great on and in the body, and it is easy to clean with a toy cleaner or just with soapy water.

The CONS of Aneros MGX Trident:

  • Color. As much as you clean up before your anal play, sometimes, well, shit happens. Black hides accidents better, white makes them more visible. White just isn’t the sexiest sex toy color.
  • Tabs. The perineum and Kundalini tabs are pretty sturdy, so in addition to anal penetration, you have to get accustomed to two additional new sensations.
  • Price. At around $50, this isn’t the cheapest toy. Good design isn’t (and isn’t meant to be) cheap.

Check price of Aneros MGX Trident »

Vibrating Prostate Massager by Paloqueth

At first glance, the Paloqueth does not seem like a prostate-play beginner toy:

  • dual motors power an insertable internal massager and an external perineum massager;
  • it has 10 vibration modes;
  • it’s waterproof; and
  • it comes with a remote control.

But the Paloqueth is on the shorter side of prostate toys for men, at 3.5 inches of insertable length, and its 0.9 inches is even narrower than the Aneros MGX Trident (though if you are a complete newbie to anal play, it may still take a while to get accustomed to even that girth).

And while the Paloqueth‘s array of functions and functionality may seem daunting, even unnecessary for prostate play newbies, it allows the beginner not only to try out different things and see what he likes but also grow into the stronger vibrating modes over time.

As with most toys, its anal-safe, medical-grade silicone surface feels good inside and out. The Paloqueth is also USB rechargeable in about two hours.

Why is the Paloqueth suitable for beginners? Consider the PROs:

  • Functions. No way you won’t find a mode or two you love and with so many vibration possibilities, you’ll enjoy the toy for a long time. You can alternate between the modes with ease with the included…
  • Remote control. The Paloqueth makes solo play practice possible.
  • Price. For around $25 and 80 percent four- or five-star ratings, you can’t go wrong. Even if you don’t like the toy (or find out you don’t like prostate play), you won’t lose much in the deal.


  • On/Off. You can’t turn the toy on or off with the remote.
  • Charge. Yes, it’s very affordable, but about one in ten unlucky users reports issues with charging and duration of a charge.

Best Prostate Massagers Without a Vibrate Function

Sex toys for women can easily double as male stimulation toys. Whether you go with a butt plug or a dildo for your anal play, both partners can use the toy (just make sure to clean thoroughly between uses).

Best Non-Vibrating Butt Plugs for Prostate Massage

The advantage of butt plugs is that, once inserted, they stay in place. You can stimulate the prostate by moving the hips or the plug itself, with or without the help of a play partner.

Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug by Pleasure Works

The Sidekick by Pleasure Works is on the more challenging side of small anal toys: it starts with a small head, which is curved to eventually massage the prostate, and bulks up toward the end to provide a neat feeling of fullness.

Best Butt Plug - Sidekick

The good part: once in, it stays in, on account of the narrow neck and a well-flared base. Kind of like a good true sidekick, we suppose.

Made from smooth silicone, the Sidekick is soft, adopting to your contours without losing shape, which beginners especially will appreciate.


  • Two sizes. Sidekick 1 has 4 inches of insertable length and a 1.27-inch diameter —perfect for beginners; Sidekick 2 features 4.5 inches of insertable length and is 1.43 inches  in diameter in the widest point.
  • Ecorotic Green. Good Vibrations rates the Sidekick as an ethically and environmentally conscious sex toy.
  • Unisex. Every butt owner will enjoy this toy.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Base. While it holds the toy in comfortably, the base is a bit too large for buttock comfort.
  • Soft. Most will like the squishy silicone the Sidekick is made from, others may prefer a firmer, harder toy.

Check price of Sidekick »

Best Butt Plugs for Prostate Massage: Runners Up

Best Dildos for P-Spot Stimulation

Though like butt plugs, dildos aren’t designed specifically for P-spot stimulation, they—especially those designed for G-spot pleasure— an double as prostate massagers.

The advantage of dildos is that they can be used on their own, either solo or with the help of a lover, or in a harness as a pegging toy.

Bouncer Silicone Shaking Dildo by Fun Factory

Out of the many dildos suitable for prostate massage, we found the Bouncer by Fun Factory to be the most unique and, well, fun.

Each of the Bouncer’s three bulbs, houses a weighted ball, which creates a gentle vibration with every movement—the more thrust, the more the balls move and the stronger the sensation. Combined with the curved shape, the prostate (or the G-Spot, as it were)

Velvety-smooth, matte silicone surfacethe is pleasing to the touch, inside and out, and tackier than most silicone sex toys. You can either use Bouncer solo, taking advantage of the suction-cup flared base, or in a harness for strap-on fun like pegging.

The Bouncer may be the best prostate massager dildo, but it isn’t a beginner’s toy: with 7.5 inches of insertable length and 1.59-inch diameter, you’d better have some anal-play experience (and lots of water-based lube) and enjoy larger toys to get the best out of it.


  • No-battery vibration. This really is the Bouncer‘s best, most unique feature.
  • Unisex. Doubles as a G- and P-Spot toy.
  • Harnessable. In addition free or hands-on play Bouncer can be used in a harness for strapon sex (as a pegging dildo), which, in turn, takes advantage of its unique Kegel ball-like vibrating feature (see below).
  • Waterproof. Seamless silicone . You can get the Bouncer wet any way you want.


  • Price. The unique design comes at an appropriate price. But though the Bouncer is in the $100 range, you won’t need another dildo for either male or female play for a while.
  • No carry/storage bag. The Bouncer is so good you’ll want to take it everywhere with you, but you’ll have to get creative in how you transport it
  • Vigorous thrusting required. The bouncing balls make the Bouncer jiggle noticeably only with faster, harder thrusts. While this makes for explosive orgasms, it may not be as effective in solo play, early on in your couple bondage play, or with gentle in-and-outs.

Check price of Bouncer Dildo »

Best Prostate-Massaging Dildos: Runners Up

All of these are silicone dildos made by Pleasure Works, the Good Vibrations‘ sex toy brand:

  • Charm – 2 sizes, long-and-thin, eco-sustainable, harnessable
  • Bullseye – 2 sizes, silicone, short-and-girthy
  • Maven – biggish (both in girth and length), semi-realistic, dual density (tacky) silicone, eco-sustainable, Made in the USA

Best Wand for Prostate Massage

There is only one wand we recommend for P spot stimulation. One wand to rule them all, if you will.

Pure Wand by njoy

Pure Wand by njoy is a universally-loved, stainless-steel wand for G-spot stimulation that can easily double as a P-spot massager as well. Winner of the AVN ‘O’ Awards 2009 for Outstanding Non-Powered Product, the Pure Wand is a classic sex toy men can enjoy too.

The two knobs at either end of the curved shaft are of different sizes (1 inch and 1.5 inches in diameter, respectively), which makes it suitable for both beginners and intermediate to advanced prostate players and allows for different sensations during anal (or vaginal) play. In fact, if you get creative in your bondage play, this double-headed beast can serve both the owner of a G-spot and of a P-spot.

We say beast because the Pure Wand weighs 1.5 pounds and is thus one of the heavier sex toys out there. It is one of the sleekest, if not intimidating the way a sublimely beautiful human can be intimidating. It comes in a correspondingly luxurious package.

To use the Pure Wand for prostate play, warm it up by running hot water over it for a moment. Once it’s dried and lubed up, hold the Pure Wand by the shaft while lying on on your back or sitting up. Insert whichever end you prefer and rock back and forth or side to side, massaging the P-spot. Mastering the Pure Wand take a bit of time, but once you get it, you’ll be set for prostate orgasms for years to come.


  • Effective. The Pure Wand is so good you may get addicted and your other toys will end up forgotten in the corner.
  • Durable. With stainless steel construction, you’re looking at a lifetime of enjoyment. It also cleans easily.
  • Unisex. Anyone can (and will!) enjoy the Pure Wand
  • Ecorotic Green. The Pure Wand is as an ethically and environmentally conscious sex toy, according to Good Vibrations.


  • Heavy. On the flipside, the Pure Wand will exercise your wrists while you use it.

Best Hands-Free Prostate Massagers: Aneros All the Way

As we mentioned in the mini-review of the MGX Trident above, Aneros prostate toys are the golden standard in male anal stimulation toys. Their design allows for the toy’s tip to press into the prostate thanks to the contractions of the pelvic floor and other movements.

Aneros toys are easy to use:

  1. Lie down on your back or side and pull one or both knees to your chest.
  2. Relax and breathe.
  3. Insert your water-based lube coated Aneros toy with the big, P-tab aiming at your perineum.
  4. Clench and un-clench your sphincter or PC muscles (the muscles you exercise with kegels).
  5. Enjoy.

Here we look at a couple of more advanced Aneros toys, one each from the non-vibrating and vibrating category.

Helix Syn by Aneros

Helix Syn by Aneros improves upon its first-generation best-selling version with a smooth silicon coating. Its design makes for the best hands-free prostate massager: simply insert it and feel the nubs massage your prostate, anus, and perineum as your clench your sphincter or as you move around.

Best Prostate Massagers - Aneros Helix Syn

With 4 inches of insertable length and a 1.06-inch diameter at its widest point, the Helix Syn is suitable for prostate pleasure beginners and connoisseurs alike. Just beware that, if you aren’t used to Aneros toys or similar dedicated prostate massagers, it takes a few uses to train your body to respond to it the way it’s intended and to reach prostatic orgasm.

The effort will be well worth it.


  • (Super)Orgasmic. Compared to other anal toys, orgasms with the Helix Syn (once you train yourself to enjoy it properly) are out of this world.
  • Staying power. Once the Helix Syn is in, it stays in until you pull it out using the curly handle.
  • Waterproof. With no moving parts, the Helix Syn will withstand any environment.


  • Price. For a non-vibrating toy, the $70 range may feel like much. We’ll say it again: good design costs…but it also pays.

Check price of Helix Syn »

Vice by Aneros

The Vice by Aneros is the brand’s response to customers’ request for a vibrating prostate stimulator.

Bulkier than other Aneros toys, with a 1.19-inch diameter, the Vice makes for a more intense feeling of fullness when inserted. The satin silicone feels good inside and out.

On the flipside, the AAA-battery powered, stainless-steel bullet vibe, which you insert through an opening at the base, provides four different, multi-speed pulsating patterns for direct vibrations against the prostate and rectum.


  • Design. A superb anatomically designed toy, albeit on the chunkier side.
  • Vibration. An Aneros toy that vibrates. That is all.


  • Price. Sure, there are many cheaper vibrating prostate massagers out there, but why would you go with a low-end copycat when you can have the high-end original? It’s your butt after all, invest in it.
  • Vibe protrusion. The bullet vibrator sticks out of the Vice when inserted. This makes it difficult to use in a seated position.

Prostate Massage - Bondage Spooning

Best Vibrating Prostate Massagers

As with non-vibrating P spot massagers, we’ll start this section with toys that aren’t specifically designed for prostate massage. If you are frugal, have limited storage space, or simply enjoy versatility in your sex toys, vibrating butt plugs and G-spot vibrators will do the job of a dedicated male prostate toy decently.

These are the best vibrating anal toys we could find.

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs for Prostate Play

If you like butt plugs, you’ll love vibrating butt plugs.

Black Pearl by Vibratex

The Black Pearl is made by Vibratex, the company that pioneered the Rabbit vibrator and the Magic Wand. Which is to say these guys and gals know their sex toys, prostate stimulation included.

On the shorter side of anal toys, at 3.5 inches of insertable length, and on the average girth side, at 1-inch wide, the velvety-silicone Black Pearl is particularly well-suited for beginners.

Unlike many dedicated prostate massagers, the Black Pearl boasts sleek, understated design. Simply put, it’s one good-looking butt plug. Rigid, it massages the right spot and its flared base is anatomically designed, meaning it not only won’t go all the way in but it also fits, nicely between the cheeks.

Best Vibrating Butt Plug - Black Pearl

It’s also a vibrating one, though not the quietest one (but what vibrating toy is entirely silent?). Everyone will also enjoy the anal sensation possibilities with Black Pearl‘s three intensity levels and four vibration patterns, all concentrated in the tip (though you’ll feel the whole shaft vibrate happily along). Insert, push the button, and enjoy!

The Black Pearl is splash- and showerproof, i.e. not submersible, and rechargeable with a USB cord in under an hour. It comes with a stylish, discreet carry pouch.


  • Design. Sleek, sexy.
  • Size. Ideal for beginners.
  • Carrying pouch. Take the Black Pearl with you anywhere. You’ll definitely want to.


  • Price. In the $100 range, the Black Pearl isn’t a cheap toy. The cheaper version of the Vibratex Black Pearl, the Pandora, is about half price but it has a slightly different shape and comes without a carrying pouch and uses watch batteries.

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs for Prostate Massage: Budget Runners Up

Best Vibrating Dildos for Prostate Massage

Like their non-vibrating brethren, vibrating dildos are best used with a harness to add prostate stimulation to pegging play.

Siren by Pleasure Works

Siren by Pleasure works boasts an attractive come-hither curve, which will hit the right, i.e. P spot just the right way. At 6.5 inches of insertable length, the Siren demonstrates what a 95th percentile-sized penis feels like. Though fairly thin as far as dildos go (1.5 inches at the widest part of the bulb), which makes it great for prostate pleasure and pegging beginners, it widens at the flared base, so once inserted all the way it gives a nice feeling of fullness at the point of entry.

Best Vibrating Dildo for Prostate Massage - Siren

The Siren’s firm core will hold shape no matter what, while the dual density silicone mimics skin (though its tacky feel requires lots of water-based lube).

Powered with a small bullet vibe, which can be removed from the bottom of the shaft for other play, the Siren is otherwise low maintenance.


  • Design. Sized and shaped for beginners to prostate massage.
  • Bullet vibe. Small and powerful, the vibrator will rock the man’s butt of during pegging and it can be taken out for clit stimulation.


  • Price. Not the cheapest toy, especially given it lacks as simple a thing as a carrying bag.
  • Batteries. The Siren is not rechargeable. Though the three watch batteries the bullet vibe requires are standard, they can make replacing them a hassle.
  • Surface. Though the dual-density silicone’s skin-like feel is nice on the body, when not in use it attracts dust.

Check price of Pleasure Works Siren »

Best Vibrating Dildos: Runners Up

All of these vibrating dildos are by Pleasure Works as well.

  • Riley – bulbous head/slim body, smooth silicone, bullet vibe-powered, eco-sustainable
  • Rookie – beginner-friendly, dual density (tacky) silicone, bullet vibe-powered, eco-sustainable, versatile

Best Anal-Safe G-Spot Vibrators

Some toys for her can perform well as male toys as well. This goes especially for G-spot vibrators, as the G-spot is approximately in the same area of the vagina as the P-spot is of the rectum. An anal-safe G-spot vibrator can double as an anal vibrator for her and a male P spot massager for him.

The key is to get a G-spot vibrator that is anal-safe. This means not only that the G-spot vibrator for prostate massage must be smooth and made from a body-safe material, but also (and especially) that it must have a flared base to prevent it from slipping into the butt.

Check out anal-safe G-spot vibrators at Good Vibrations »

Lust L13 by Jopen

The Lust L13 by Jopen is a beautiful vibrating anal plug that makes stimulating a man lots of fun. This is the best anal vibrator for prostate massage we’ve found.

At 4 inches of insertable length, the Lust L13 is well suited for all levels of prostate play experience, but the width, at 1.5 inches is on the wider side. Use a lot of water-based lube and take it easy with this one.

Best Vibrating Butt Plug - Lust L13

Either way, the curves are just right for P spot stimulation, and the toy fits nicely between the cheeks. Plus 5 vibration functions add that extra oomph ofr your prostate play.

The ring handle is nice for both solo and couple play. Once inserted, the Lust 13 also makes hands-free fun possible with the right muscle movement (clenching and un-clenching the sphincter, kegel exercises).


  • Design. Lust L13’s unique design is not only attractive, it’s comfortable and effective. And look at that handle!
  • Waterproof. You can take it in the shower.
  • Rechargeable. With a USB plug.


  • Charge time. A bit long at 2.5 hours.

Check price of Lust L13 »

Most Unique Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Loki Wave by Lelo

Loki Wave by Lelo is the first (and only?) vibrating prostate massager with a “come hither” mode, which massages the prostate internally with a tip that mimics the same motion of a finger.

Best Prostate Massager - Lelo Loki Wave
What’s more, it also stimulates the male perineum at the same time, with or without vibration from a separate motor, so its lucky owner can enjoy prostate stimulation both internally and externally for explosive orgasms.

At a modest 3.54 of insertable length, Loki Wave by Lelo is available in blue and black (we prefer the latter). It’s made from anal safe silicone, it’s waterproof, and it’s rechargeable.


  • Design. Dual internal and external prostate massage function. “Come hither” motion of the insertable part.
  • Multiple vibrate modes. With 10 modes, you are bound to find a few to love.
  • Rechargeable. No external batteries needed, and it only takes two hours to fully recharge with a USB cord.
  • Waterproof. If you like your prostate massage in the shower, go for it.
  • Suitable for women too. Just check out the reviews at Babeland to see women love the Lelo Loki Wave too.


  • Price. All of this doesn’t come cheap.
  • Learning curve. With its unique design and many functions, it takes a while to get a hang of it. But once you do, prepare to have your mind blown.
  • Not hands free. You need a helping hand to operate this machinery (just check out the handle on this thing), which isn’t necessarily a con, just something to keep in mind.loki

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Rosa Vibe by L’Amourose

Rosa Vibe by L’Amourose is hot. Literally: this prostate massager has a built-in “thermal regulation system,” which can warming up the toy up to 108ºF.

Like Lelo Loki Wave, L’Amourose Rosa Vibe has two motors, one each for the insertable part for internal, direct prostate massage, and the other for the external perineum massager. You can run the two at the same time, one at a time, or alternate between them—totally up to you.

With 9 vibrating modes and a 12 speeds, the Rosa Vibe lasts 70-90 minutes on a single charge on full blast.

It’s on the girthier side, so it’s best suitable for advanced anal pleasure afficionados. And at 4.5 inches, it’s just a tad longer than beginner prostate toys.


  • Heater. A version without an internal heating element is also available.
  • Powerful with lots of modes. The Rosa Vibe provides strong vibrations no matter the mode.
  • Charging dock. No need to plug anything in, simply stand the Rosa Vibe in the charging dock for a 2-hour cycle.
  • Waterproof. The Rosa Vibe is silicone all around. Wash it, use it in a shower.
  • Carrying pouch. Where most prostate massagers don’t come with one, the L’Amourose Rosa Vibe package includes a velvet carrying pouch with a drawstring.
  • The Look. Placed in its charging dock, the red Rosa Vibe is an attractive, almost futuristic-looking accessory. Once inserted, it boasts a pretty jewel-like topper.
  • Doubles as a G-spot vibrator. The Rosa Vibe is for both him and for her!


  • Price. As you would expect, the extra features cost more. But can you really afford to buy cheap things?
  • Controls. It takes a while to figure out how to work this beast, as the controls, placed on the side of the base, are a little difficult to locate and operate, especially in the heat of the moment or during solo play.
  • Perineum massage feature. Despite the dedicated motor, the Rosa Vibe could use a bump to help apply more pressure on the perineum.

Most Unique Male Prostate Massagers: Budget Runners Up

Best Remote Controlled Prostate Massagers

Hugo by Lelo

Lelo Hugo is the best P spot massager with a remote control we’ve found in its category. Its design and features make for some seriously intense orgasms (made all the better in restraints). As with all the other prostate toys it takes a few uses to find the most effective position, body movement, and setting, but once you do…you’ll see. Let’s just say that Lelo’s claim that the Hugo give “the most powerful orgasm known to man” isn’t an exaggeration.

Having said that, the Hugois short (3.4 inches) but girthy (1.28 inches), so it may not be the best first toy for anal play beginners.

Best Vibrating Prostate Massager - Lelo Hugo

Hugo’s powerful dual motors power the perineum massager and the internal prostate massager (while the perineum massager is flexible, adjusting to the male anatomy, the internal massager is more rigid). Add six distinct vibration patterns, each with 12 intensity levels, and you may have a hard time deciding which to use.

The remote control feature makes solo play easier. You don’t have to fumble for controls during use, you can use it in any position, including standing up and walking, and you can do other things while it’s inserted. The remote also makes for a perfect feature bondage tool: You can control your man’s sensations with a touch of a button from as far as 39 feet!

The silky smooth surface is nice to the touch, and water-based lube will make it slide in easily. Hugo’s girth may not be for newcomers to anal play, as it takes up a lot of room in there.


  • Remote-controlled and hands-free. Once it’s in, Hugo will power your orgasm to new heights.
  • Waterproof. Just the toy though, not the remote.
  • Storage pouch. Take it anywhere and store it discreetly.
  • Rechargeable. With a USB cord. The remote requires two AAA batteries.


  • Price. Upwards of $200, the Hugo isn’t exactly cheap. But it’s an investment (inv-ass-tment?) in anal pleasure that will pay back in orgasms by the boatload. If you can forego the remote, Lelo Bruno is otherwise the same as Hugo and will save you about $50.
  • Neck. The narrow end around which the sphincter closes is smooth and may not be thin enough for some men so that it may fall out during use.

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Best Remote-Controlled Prostate Massagers: Affordable Runners Up

By brand:


  • Phanxy – Amazon bestseller, 9 vibration modes, waterproof, long-ish, smooth design
  • Lveny – 9 vibration modes, slim, good deal

Best Prostate Massagers with a Cock Ring

Prostate massagers equipped with a cock ring are designed for use during intercourse, adding two sensations at once.

Bootie Ring by Fun Factory

Fun Factory’s Bootie Ring is everything you want in a two-in-one toy: a stretchy cock ring attached to nub that sits against the perineum and a small (3 inches long, 1.1 inches wide) anal plug shaped to massage the prostate during intercourse. The more movement, the better the massage.

Best Prostate Massager with Cock Ring - Bootie Ring

Once slipped on around the shaft of the penis, all the way behind the testicles, and inserted (with a generous dollop of water-based lubricant), the Bootie Ring fits comfortably between the cheeks, squeezing the cock and massaging the prostate externally and internally. That’s three erogenous zones in a single toy!


  • Two in one. A cock ring and a prostate massager in a single toy, stimulating three erogenous zones at once.
  • Design. It’s beautiful and the plug is identical to the Bootie, one of our butt plug runners up.
  • Waterproof.


  • Two in one. Yes, this is also a con. You can’t use the cock ring without the plug and vice versa.

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Best Cock-Ringed Prostate Massagers: Budget Runners Up

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Accessories for Prostate Massagers

Best Lubes for Best Prostate Massagers

Given where they go, you’re best advised to use a lubricant with your prostate massager. It just makes things easier.

Though silicone lubricants are superior for intercourse, because they last longer and don’t get rubbed off or absorbed, always (always!) use a water-based lubricant with your butt plug, dildo, or prostate massager.


Most sex toys (all but the Pure Want we’ve featured here) are made from or coated with silicone. Silicone lube would simply melt the toy!

Our favorite water-based lube is the Sliquid Naturals Sassy Lubricating Gel. Be generous with it.

How to Clean Your Prostate Massager

Even the best prostate toy requires cleaning; in fact, you should clean your sex toys before and after every use.

Regardless of the material, all of the toys we’ve featured can be cleaned with soapy warm water (any soap goes, but an environmentally friendly dish-washing  liquid will do the best job). Simply wash the toy for 20 seconds, rinse, and let air dry.

Alternatively, you can use your prostate massager with a condom; this is an especially efficient way to keep your unisex toys clean and sanitary between bodies. Simply slip on a new condom before inserting into a different person.

Having said that, there are a number of specialty sex toy cleaners. Our favorite is the Shibari antibacterial toy cleaner spray.

Best Prostate Massagers: A Conclusion

Prostate massagers are more than just sex accessories for men; they’re orgasm machines. Try one of these anal sex toys while tied up and a whole new world of sensual possibilities opens up, for both partners. A higher level of intimacy, more intense orgasms, …what’s not to like?

Best Prostate Massager - Butt Touch

To incorporate prostate massage, be it with or without one of the best prostate massagers we’ve featured here, in your bondage play requires what any other type of play does: an open mind, safety precautions, and communication.

Massage the prostate and enjoy!